Top Balance Bike Reviews

In this page, we will present the reviews of top balance bikes in Singapore -Kinderbike, Strider, Cruzee and First Bike based on the specifications as recommended under the “how to choose a balance bike” section/page of this site.

Kinderbike Morph Hyrbid
morph2_render_balance-4_585_329_90One of a kind, this balance bike is unique in that it can convert into a pedal bike once the child has mastered balance. 2-in-1, it is popular with parents who want a value-for-money option, instead of buying 2 separate bikes.  When converted to a pedal bike, it is one of the lightest pedal bike available in the market.

  • Material: Aluminium alloy 6061
  • Warranty: Lifetime (frame), one year (parts)
  • Adjustability: Adjustable heights for handlebars and seat (quick release clamps for both), adjustable angle for saddle seat and handlebar (based on length of child’s arms)
  • Comes with: Plug-N-Play v channel lock pedal kit, coaster brakes, plush padded seat, XL seat post, bell, reflector.
  • Tyres: 12″ air pneumatic
  • Weight/ max load weight: 4 kg (balance mode)/ 6.2kg (pedal mode) / 34 kg (child max weight)
  • Seat range: 31-53cm
  • Pros: easily convertible 2-in-1 saving money, pedal kit is a genuine chain system like a real bike, air pneumatic tyres for better traction and suspension cushioned ride especially off road, coaster brakes, accessories like bell, reflector and XL seat post included, low instep for younger riders to mount bike from the front instead of back, lifetime warranty on frame, handlebar and saddle adjustable for angle on top of height adjustments, seat range can reach 53cm (higher than most balance bikes), certified CFR1512 safety, award-winning brand (Creative Toy Award, Toy of the Year 2015, Parents Best of the Best 2016)
  • Cons: As a balance bike, it is a tad heavy at 4kg (though lighter than other European brands like Kazam, Puky, Kettler etc.) so it could put some 2.5-3 year olds off it if they are not strong and sturdy on their feet. For 3 years and above, a bit of weight on the balance bike allows for more control when going fast and downhill to prevent veering off out of control. Child must exercise more careful control if handling a featherweight bike.

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At 1.9 kg, Cruzee is arguably the lightest balance bike in the market. Great for young toddlers to handle, its sleek sapphire finish is eye-catching and stylish.

  • Material: Anonised alumnium
  • Warranty: One year
  • Adjustability: Adjustable heights for handlebars and seat (quick release clamps for both)
  • Comes with:  XL seat post
  • Tyres: 12″ EVA foam
  • Weight/ max load weight: 1.9kg / 27 kg (child max weight)
  • Seat range: 25.5-48cm
  • Pros: featherweight (good for very young learners) and easy handling, wide range of inseam height 25.5-48cm, low profile axle bolts (non protruding), puncture proof tires, non-rust or non-chip off sapphire finishing, many colours to choose from, sleek design.
  • Cons: EVA tires do not provide cushion and the ride can be hard although it is maintenance free, matching bell is no longer included as an accessory, some parents are concerned about featherweight for older kids who tend to ride fast (veer off).

First Bike

First Bike develops a child’s first sense of balance, motor skills and self confidence. It makes exercise and learning both safe and fun.

  • Material: Injection molded Composite 30% fibre glass
  • Warranty: Lifetime (frame)
  • Adjustability: Adjustable heights for seat (not adjustable for handle bars)
  • Comes with:  Hand controlled rear drum brake, steering limiter
  • Tyres: 12″ pneumatic air
  • Weight/ max load weight: 3.9kg / 35 kg (child max weight)
  • Seat range: (30 lowering kit) 33-45cm
  • Pros: Composite frame is high strength yet flexible (waterproof and does not splinter or rust), hand brake (good for 3 years and above, smaller hands find the grip big and lack strength to pull), award winning (Dr Toy, Creative Child Top Toy, Toy Man), safety certification, steering limiter (prevents handle bar from rotating fully, helps keep direction to prevent rough falls and veer off).
  • Cons: Requires seperate purchase of lowering kit for under 3 years as frame is larger, handlebar can’t adjust height, steering limiter (on the flip side, an argument against a steering limiter goes like this: if a child tumbles with the bike, the handlebar is not able to fall flat on the ground and there is a chance the child falls on the handle bar ends pointing upwards on the ground, thereby hurting his abdomen or chest as he falls on the bike)

The Right Fit

As a guide, the height and inseam of a child is estimated to be as follows:

80cm child – 28cm inseam        100cm child – 36cm inseam       110cm child – 45cm inseam       115cm child – 48cm inseam

More on the other bikes coming your way….