Kinderbike Morph Balance Bikes Sale

Baby Market Sale  2017     

40% discount on Kinderbike Convertible 2-in-1 Morph at $170 only! Grab it whilst stocks last at the Baby Market fair 13-15 Oct 2017 Expo Hall 5 . See you at booth L25.

Our office will be CLOSED from 12-15 October for the fair. We will only be selling Kinderbike Morphs, not the other brands of bikes at the fair. Please visit us on 21 October 2017 Sat at our IMM office to see the full range of balance bikes if required.

 We accept cash  or NETs at the fair.

Thank you and see you.

Cheers from

the TikesNBikes Sales Team


  1. Dave says:

    Is the paddle for kinder bike sold separately? What is the price?

    1. cynthia says:

      not sold seperately, part of the accessories in the bike package. price includes plug and play pedal chain parts.

    2. cynthia says:

      Pedal kit is part of the price for Kinderbike morph at $200 on discount

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